Dan Murphy wanted to bring their Beaten Boards into the future.

A cork board located near the entry gates was updated by staff who cut ads from competitor's catalogues and pinned them to the board. 

It worked, but not well.

It was a time-consuming chore in the middle of a busy day and the results were far from eye-catching. 

Dan Murphy wanted a digital solution, one that was managed centrally and would engage customers arriving at the store.


We installed a series of eye-catching digital displays adjacent to the store's point of entry.


Some were wall mounted or suspended from the ceiling on pole mounts while others were housed in free-standing enclosures.

Using Laqorr CMS to manage content, the result was an engaging, clutter free display that would disengage staff resources, reduce waste and network pricing updates from a single-source data set.




To promote their weekly catalogue, ALDI store managers would pin catalogue posters inside a poster box.

The untidy results did not satisfactorily engage customers while creating another time-consuming chore for busy staff.

ALDI wanted a digital solution, one that would promote the catalogue along with other specials and brand messages. They wanted a centrally managed solution that could cater to national  campaigns as well as regional or store specific promotions.

Above all, they wanted a solution that was eye-catching and would engage customers.



We installed Digital Poster Boxes at the point of entry to ALDI supermarkets. 

Stores in shopping centres often have wall mounted displays while others are suspended from the ceiling on pole mounts. Independent stores took the option of an IP-rated, free-standing enclosure located outside the supermarket.

The result was an eye-catching display that engaged customer attention. It freed up staff from maintaining old poster boxes while reducing print costs and increasing compliance.


Using Laqorr CMS, ALDI could further its promotional reach by including standardised, centralised campaign content.