1.    Client responsibilities:
           a.   Lead times.  Please allow adequate lead times for our team to order equipment and book your installation.                          Typical lead times are as per below but please check with our team as early as possible as certain items may
                  require longer.

i.    Equipment orders: 4-6 weeks prior to scheduled installation date;.
ii.   Installation:  2 weeks prior to scheduled installation date.

b.    Site readiness.  Please ensure site is ready for installation on the agreed date and time as per the following list:

i.     Installers have unimpeded access to site and equipment.
ii.    Other trades have completed prerequisite works (eg. power, shopfitting, data):

                    1.    Cabinetry/enclosures/fixing points etc by shopfitters are complete and in-place.
                    2.    datmedia should be consulted before finalising plans for the above.

iii.   Centre management and/or other relevant authorities have been advised of and have approved
       works.  Where applicable this includes notifying the responsible Security Company to ensure                
       access is granted and a Security Guard is on site for the duration of the installation;
iv.   Site is ready to accept delivery of equipment up to 5 days before the install date.  datmedia endeavours  

       to schedule delivery as close as possible to the install date however it is the client’s responsibility to ensure
       the equipment (which can be bulky and/or fragile) is kept safe and secure on site when delivered. 

v.    Access to data is required to each media player being installed so that it can be controlled and monitored  
       via the CMS.  A hard-wired ethernet connection is preferred however a WiFi connection with good signal
       strength will also work.  Dial-up internet is not sufficient.

c.     Self Installation.  For client's arranging their own installation, please note that datmedia cannot guarantee the arrival times of stock to site and will not be held responsible for any costs associated with stock or freight delays. We recommend to check that stock has arrived before sending installers to site.

d.    Structural certification.  datmedia recommends that the client seek independent structural certification for the chosen installation location.  Engineering certification is the client’s responsibility.  datmedia make no guarantee to the structural suitability of any existing structure, location or connection detail and the client indemnifies datmedia (the company, its staff and contractors) and its installation contractors of any liability relating to structural failure or unsuitability  of the structure or fixings to perform the required duty. Indemnity includes and is not limited to property damage, compensation, death or injury. datmedia’s installation contractors provide a guarantee that they will complete their specified works using best practice and follow detailed installation and connection method providing that they do not find cause for the works to be potentially unsafe, either to its staff during install or the public once installed herein referred to as ‘Duty of Care’.  Should any of the works compromise datmedia and/or its installation contractor’s duty of care, datmedia or the installation contractor will immediately cease work and notify the client of the issue and offer a resolution.  At such time the client may choose to accept the proposed resolution or propose an alternative solution but at no time will datmedia or its installation contractors compromise their duty of care and such refusal to do so does not constitute a breach of contract.  This undertaking by datmedia does not waive the client’s responsibilities for ensuring the works datmedia are directed to carry out are structurally sound.

e.    Video wall structure.  For multi-screen video wall installations, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the wall or structure supporting the video wall must be completely flat to allow correct alignment of screens. Failure to do so may require the installation works to be delayed and requoted.

f.    Fixed cabling.  Unless detailed otherwise in the installation estimate, it is the responsibility of the client to provide installation of fixed cabling requirements including materials and termination.  

g.    Electrical.  If datmedia have not detailed an inclusion of an electrician in the installation estimate all fixed wiring is to be supplied and installed by the client and the client’s electrician may be required onsite at the time of installation to allow datmedia and its installation contractor to complete the work.  Should datmedia be unable to complete the installation due to cabling or electrical issues additional costs may apply for non-continuation of works (see item 3 below).

2.    Existing Structure.  

Where datmedia and its installation contractors have been directed to install equipment to an existing structure the method of attachment and material attaching to will be agreed between the client and datmedia in consultation with the installation contractor.  Once installation has commenced and if it is discovered that the structure varies considerably from the advised detail and/or compromises the structural integrity or datmedia duty of care, the issue will be escalated to the client for resolution.  Such instances include but are not limited to, material thickness, cladded surfaces, walls believed to be structurally sound but are not, unsuitable to carry installed load, incorrect detailed dimensions provided to datmedia.

3.    Delays or extra works.  

Unless detailed otherwise in the installation estimate, datmedia allow for all works to be completed in a continuous uninterrupted manner.  The client is responsible for coordinating all prerequisite works to be completed prior to datmedia installation.  Delays or interruptions with installation due to site issues, power, structural, unions, coordination with other trades or weather may incur additional costs for the completion of works. In the event that extra works are required outside of business hours, after-hours rates apply at a minimum of four hours per technician. 

4.    Health & Safety.  

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are an Australian Standard and an expectation for all workplaces across Australia.  Many sites do not have a particular policy in this regard but datmedia and its installation contractors requirement is to complete all processes for every installation site and issue a copy to the nominated site supervisor or client manager.  Where the site has specific needs including specialised JSA, SWMS, Inductions, Supervisors, Site Meetings and Tool Box Meetings, unless detailed otherwise datmedia standard inclusion does not cover such requirements and additional costs will apply if required for datmedia staff and sub-contractors to meet the requirements.  

5.    Estimates. 

datmedia can provide installation estimates based on the client brief and/or reasonable assumptions however we highly recommend that a site audit is completed by one of our technicians to confirm the details of the installation prior to moving forward to avoid additional costs incurred due to variances from the brief or assumptions.

6.    Parking & travel.  

datmedia has local technicians in all CBD and most regional centres.  In instances where travel is required to non-CBD locations this travel will be invoiced at the rates detailed in your estimate, quote or sales order.

Should parking costs be incurred by technicians at the installation site, these costs will be added to the final invoice.

7.    Ladders, Scaffolds & Assisted Lifts.  

Unless detailed otherwise in the installation estimate, datmedia has allowed for all works to be safely completed using standard ladders where installers are working at less than 2 metres above ground level.  datmedia has not made any allowance for assisted lifts such as boom lifts for scissor lifts.  datmedia can arrange assisted lift hire if required however we require notice to do so.  Where datmedia installers are unable to complete works without an assisted lift that was not previously identified this will be considered non continuous works and may incur additional costs for the completion of works (see item 3 above).


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