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Your Exclusive Invitation

to Google's Digital Signage and Devices Lab

Get hands on with the latest generation of digital signage and touch screen tech

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Learn how Google’s Chrome Enterprise makes managing

your content, your campaigns and your devices, easy. 

Join Google and datmedia in Google's Digital Signage and Devices Lab to get hands on with the latest generation of Chrome devices. Learn how to harness Google’s powerful Chrome Enterprise platform to meet your specific objectives and deliver a better ROI.

The informal workshops will be conducted during July and August, and run for around two hours.

We'll join you and your team for a personalised one-on-one session showcasing digital signage and interactive kiosk technology. Let's discuss recent industry use cases and find out how Chrome Enterprise engages both customers and team members, simply and securely, through digital technology in-store, in-branch or in your offices. 

Enjoy a direct exchange of ideas with Google. Talk about your current objectives and challenges implementing digital signage and touch screen technology. 

At the end of the session you will receive a tailored review document with some suggested Proof of Concept ideas along with budget estimates and special offers for your consideration.

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There are a limited number of appointments available,

so please act quickly to register your interest

Email hello@datmedia.com.au for more information or assistance