Important digital signage trends you need to know about

January 12, 2016

The key to thriving in the future is being ready for it by having intelligence about what's available and what to expect next. That’s particularly important in the ever evolving world of technology. Innovating and understanding the digital landscape has never been more challenging or important, especially when it comes to connecting with and engaging consumers. So with that in mind we would like to flag these important digital signage trends you need to know about to give you an advantage in the marketplace and build relationships with your customers.


Digital signage plays an important role in the customer journey and when done well it improves brand advocacy, customer loyalty and ultimately business sales results. 2016 will be the year that many businesses decide to implement, or upgrade a digital signage solution and a solid understanding of the available options and solutions will help to ensure the best possible outcomes and return on investment.


Google’s Commercial Chrome solution


Google knows more about what is trending on a global scale than any other source. Due to the nature of what we search for using Google they also have an in-depth understanding of our pain points. Until now digital signage has had its fair share of pain points including: reliability, compatibility with legacy systems, security, scalability and of course affordability. Enter Google’s Chrome Operating System (Chrome OS) and AOPEN’s Commercial Chromebox media player to the rescue. This commercial Google for Work solution is a fast and robust, yet simple cloud based system with limitless scale that solves traditional digital signage problems. It represents a new industry standard  by offering businesses the ability to manage all devices and content from a remote dashboard and of course it integrates seamlessly with all properties in Google’s suite of products.


Digital menu boards


One of the most powerful tools that Quick Service Restaurants (QSR’s) are using to lower costs and boost sales while improving customer experience are digital menu boards. The return on investment for operators comes in two forms:


1. Operational efficiency – The ability to update menu items, completely replace content and promote specials with the click of a mouse is saving businesses thousands by alleviating labour intensive tasks and improving productivity.


2. Sales uplifts – With great content and strategically timed (& even measured) promotions operators are enjoying sales results that were simply not possible with traditional static menu boards.


In addition, this trend includes the benefits of an enhanced customer experience such as: lowering perceived wait time, engaging customers with full-motion video and providing relevant, timely and meaningful content. For a marginal upfront investment, digital menu boards serve more than just the restaurant customers, they serve as a sensible business strategy to improve margins and effectively deploy marketing communications.



Outdoor digital signage


Businesses considering taking their digital strategy outdoors have previously found it challenging to deploy equipment that can withstand the elements and compete with natural sunlight. However thanks to advances in technology and the demand for consumer facing outdoor digital signage like drive-thru menus and high profile LED displays, there has never been a better time to reach customers while they’re out and about. Screens need to be IP rated which means that they are waterproof and can power on in our harsh Australian conditions. Also, more often than not screens will require customised housing to ensure security and durability. As consumers take their digital life everywhere with them through their phones, businesses can no longer afford to limit their digital strategy to the confines of an indoor environment.


Touch screens


When the iPhone first came out we were all blown away by touch screen technology. Since then we’ve come to expect it everywhere. Connecting with customers through digital signage just got physical. What better way to engage your audience than to allow them to interact with digital signage their way and on their own terms. Touch screens don’t just provide an enhanced customer experience, they also allow operators to collect important customer data around usage, preferences and readiness to buy. This omnichannel solution gives the customer a feeling of control and is proven to stimulate sales.



Electronic price labels


Updating price labels in the retail environment is known to be one of the most labour intensive (and mind numbing) tasks staff can be responsible for. Not only does it drain company productivity, and create unnecessary waste,  without careful attention to detail it could cost businesses thousands in lost margin if the labels are printed or assigned incorrectly. Electronic price labels (eLabels) allow businesses to update pricing universally, correct any pricing errors in real-time, improve productivity and save a Tasmania rainforest or two. Also, the bright LCD screens attract customers attention and can help to raise brand and product awareness with graphics, logos and images.



Content management


If content is king then the content management system is the queen. An agile, easy-to-use and robust content management system (CMS) is the essential component of an effective digital signage solution. Dropping and dragging images & video in, scheduling on the fly and updating content in real-time from a remote dashboard allows operators to streamline marketing communications, increase productivity and significantly improve operational efficiency. No more compliance problems wondering if the new promotion is displayed correctly in-store. Now it’s easier to manage digital signage content than it is to load a video onto Facebook.




These are just a few of the technologies that are buzzing now and are important digital signage trends you need to know about. Our go-to-market team will be travelling to all major capitals and regional centres in 2016 to inform decision makers of the most cost effective and profitable ways to incorporate in-store digital into their 2016 business strategy. If your business is considering investing in (or even just piloting) a digital signage program, the valuable information in our presentations will help future proof your digital signage solution and assist with making decisions that will save the business money years after the initial rollout of a digital signage project. Please contact our friendly sales and marketing coordinator Mel Chivers to make an appointment for when our team are in town or at a convenient time in your schedule. We will ensure that you have the best possible intelligence about what's available and what to expect next. Thanks for reading and sharing. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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