Three things to consider when choosing a digital signage partner

April 28, 2016

Just like many other brands right now you may be considering digital signage for your business. And so you should. There has never been a better time to have a digital signage network than right now. The technology is the best and most affordable it has ever been, equipment failure rates are lower than ever before and if you are currently refurbishing or renovating a store or branch it makes perfect sense to include a digital signage solution in the budget. With your budget in mind of course price is important, however there are three things to consider when choosing a digital signage partner that you may not have thought of. In a nutshell it’s: After sales service.


There are so many ways to set up digital signage now. From buying a domestic screen at a discount retailer and sticking a flash drive in it with some images on it, to AV installers that will supply and install the equipment with no content management solution. Once your digital signage system is up and running it is important to consider that at some point any (or all) of these three things may be required:


1. System training


The content management system (CMS) is arguably the most important component of a commercial digital signage solution. Although most CMS’s are designed to be somewhat user-friendly, initial training for your marketing team or those loading and scheduling the content is essential. One of the reasons you are probably considering digital signage is to improve productivity and professional system training will ensure that your team is operating with maximum efficiency.


2. Technical support


In a perfect world nothing would ever go wrong with your new digital signage system. However if any technical support is required you want your staff to be able to pick up the phone and resolve any issues with a friendly, local, capable, experienced client support officer with great customer service skills. Your digital signage partner’s ability to turn a technical complication into a remarkable customer experience will be important to your staff and their productivity.


3. Account management


Quite often the ‘sales’ experience will be excellent with all sorts of promises made and expectations set. Sadly there are some digital signage companies that are more interested in getting the ‘sale’ than starting a relationship. Digital signage will play an important role in your companies digital transformation and will be a valuable customer-facing tool for your marketing strategy. You’ll need a partner that has your long-term best interests in mind, can solve complex challenges, offer objective best practice advice and is available when you need them.






The best deal isn’t always the cheapest price. The best solution is when the digital signage partner you choose adds real value to your business. Technology, prices, equipment and even the installation processes are often relatively comparable when deciding on a digital signage system. Where your new business partner will shine is when you need them after it’s all up and running. If you are deciding on a digital signage system for your business our go-to-market team can visit your office to demonstrate the simple, yet powerful Laqorr CMS and show how our after sales service will add genuine value to your digital signage solution. Please CLICK HERE to request a call or for further information about these three things to consider when choosing a digital signage partner. Thanks for reading and sharing.

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